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The Alleged Ram Temple Land Scam Is The Ultimate Act Of Respect

Image courtesy: Shri Ram Janmbhoomi trust

Corruption is a unique phenomenon that binds the world together. It transcends caste, region, religion, ideology, gender etc. and establishes a homogenous group of people that could easily connect with each other. The universal language of dishonesty is omnipresent, and due to the relentless efforts by some of our people, we have always enjoyed a special status in finding or even inventing ways of corruption which makes us proud at the sheer sense of innovation. However, a recent allegation of corruption is an ultimate act of respect, and we should be thankful to those involved in it and if turns out to be a false allegation then I strongly recommend to do something to restore the faith.

Lord Rama is called an avatar of Lord Vishnu raising expectations from him in every walk of life. Remember his role as a dutiful son trying to honour his father’s promise to his stepmother? He left the palace and embarked on a journey filled with prolonged battle and emotional turmoil. However, his characterisation as avatar of Lord Vishnu undermined his achievements. Unfortunately, he did not had ANI to capture his glorious moments or neither someone to explain the DNA of his decisions to fight against global conspiracy. The triumph of his conduct as an ideal son or husband gets undervalued as he is considered God hence nothing short of perfection is expected from him. This is totally unfair but no more, thanks to Indian politics, they have found a perfect way to compensate for all those centuries of gross negligence.

For the first time, the humans are paying to the almighty what is due. For the first time, people have potentially done something that humanises their maker. Please appreciate their efforts rather than complaining. If, and there is still an 'if' as it needs to be proven and I am no longer a journalist so I have lost the magical power of reaching conclusions before investigation; therefore, if there has been an unscrupulous land deal, please stop cribbing and celebrate what could be a defining moment in paying true respect to God.

The construction of Lord Ram’s residence has been exposed to a common human life problem – dodgy land deal and questionable papers. After all, if you leave your property for centuries and try to (re)claim, then you should expect some turbulences along the way. Isn’t it? If the property market witnessed a surge, then the blame lies with the buyer not the broker, right? So why accuse those noble people giving sweat, blood, money, reputation, and statements leading to provide him with a final aadhar card that could be used as residence proof. I mean he too has to show kaagaz at some point. Therefore, let us hail the heroes (sorry, no heroines as saving God is still a man's thing) facing the charges of doing a duplicitous deal. They are the ones who have successfully attached human values to Prabhu’s problem making him realise how difficult it is to obtain a property these days. Also, they recognise him as human being, who needs a place for his existence at any cost, right?

Let us be fair to the people allegedly involved in the deal. Do you understand the painful process they must have gone through to find the actual beneficiary – Lord Ram – and explain him the situation of the property? Do you even realise how difficult it must have been for them to seal the deal on his behalf? That is a huge risk, and they must have gone ahead with heavy heart. And all this was done to establish that Lord Ram could face troubles like ordinary citizens of this country of being harassed, chased, and forced by property brokers. Let the critics call it deception, but the commitment shown by those involved in the transaction is devotion which needs to be applauded and encouraged. Could you please try to respect?

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תגובה אחת

19 ביוני 2021

Nice satire .. 👌

क्या सितम करते हैं मिट्टी के खिलौने वाले

राम को रक्खे हुए बैठे हैं रावण के क़रीब

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